A List On Living Off Grid

A List On Living Off Grid

If the great BC power outage of 2015 taught us anything, it was that anything can happen at any time. Final tallies estimate power was lost to over 500,000 homes and businesses across BC, with some outages lasting several days. This had a lot of people taking a good...
A List on Cool Stuff for Kids

A List on Cool Stuff for Kids

If you have kids, you already know they play. Everywhere. All the time. So here are some great ideas for their bedrooms, playrooms, backyards, and anywhere else they are able to have fun, so you can possibly (not likely) contain them to a specific area in your house....
A List on Garages

A List on Garages

As families grow and the limits of space are reached in the home, the garage is no longer just a comfortable place to park the car in the winter… it becomes quite the multipurpose room (which is code for storage locker for stuff you don’t really use but...
A List on Home Offices

A List on Home Offices

So… let’s talk about your home office! Obviously it’s best to have a room dedicated as an office to ensure you have an escape from the rest of the house, but that’s not always possible! Regardless of the space you have to work with, it’s...
Man Caves vs She Sheds

Man Caves vs She Sheds

If you talk to any REALTOR®, they will confirm that in couples looking to find their “forever home” there has been a recent surge in demand for a space dedicated as a man cave. It could be the basement (the darker the better) or it could be in a garage,...
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